introduction "No one that opposes me is allowed to look down on me."

Hi there! Welcome to The Oppressor, a fansite dedicated to Akashi Seijuro aka the Emperor of the court (aka butt face Akashi) from the shonen basketball manga series Kuroko no Basket written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. This site contains an indepth analysis about Akashi. Akashi is probably the most aggravating character in the series. I dislike and hate him in many ways but at the same time, I like him and then bam! I ended up making a shrine.

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warning *** spoilers ahead

I hate and love Akashi and this site contains the reason for it. Akashi might be seen as the strong oppressor and villain in the series, but in many aspects I just see a victim. A victim of pressure from his parents' expectations of what perfection is all about.

**There are some parts of the shrine where I leave this (*) before a word I emphasize. You'll find the definition of the word in the vocab section of the site. I also included some short descriptions of the characters which are mentioned in the site.

series "The Basketball which Kuroko plays."

Kuroko no Basuke or Kuroko's Basketball is a sports shonen manga written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. It currently runs in Weekly Shonen Jump, a popular shonen magazine with 27 published manga volumes. As of today (06-2014), the production for Kuroko no Basuke's third season anime has just been green-lit.

Plot The series is about Kuroko Tetsuya who just entered Seirin high school and joined the school's basketball team. However, Kuroko came from one of the strongest middle school basketball team, Teiko Middle School. He is said to be the phantom 6 man of the Teiko middle school which means Kuroko played as one of the main members of the team. Even though Kuroko can enter other schools with strong basketball team, Kuroko choose to go to Seirin. Because for Kuroko, team spirit is the most important thing to enjoy basketball. And for Kuroko, Seirin has that team spirit which Teiko lacks. In his middle school, Kuroko was able to watch a high school match, and he was able to watch how Seirin treat each other in the game. Seirin was cheering each other and communicating as they battle with their opponent. This is what Kuroko always wanted Teiko to be. Unfortunately, Teiko is all about winning and team play is not in their vocabulary. Kuroko's ultimate goal is to defeat all of his previous Teiko team mates or the *Generation of Miracles: Rakuzan High's Akashi Seijuro ♥, Toou Gakuen's Aomine Daiki ♥, Shutoku's Midorima Shintarou ♥, Kaijo High's Kise Ryota, and Yosen's Atsushi Murasakibara. As for Kuroko, he plays the role of the shadow phantom and in order to defeat the Generation of Miracles, Kuroko must find his light which he found in Kagami Taiga. Kagami came from the United States that's why the Generation of Miracles has no information about him. Kagami is as powerful and strong as the Generation of Miracles especially with Kuroko on his back. Because Akashi and the others promised each other that they will be the only ones who would fight with each other in the nationals (because he thinks that they are the strongest players and no one can par with them, Kagami became the outside player that could defeat them along with Kuroko. For Kuroko, in order to make his previous team mates in Teiko to realize that basketball is about enjoying yourself with team mates and not only about winning, he must defeat all of them in the nationals with all his might.

Kuroko no Basket is a fantasy and slice of life series. It romanticizes the idea of basketball especially with the "zone" and other basketball powers. In a way, Kuroko no Basket is compared with a classic basketball series called Slam Dunk. But in my opinion both series are unique in their own way having Slam Dunk focused on realism, comedy, and romance of basketball and high school life in Japan, while Kuroko no Basket is more about fantasy and creating bonds. I am a huge fan of both series, and I must say that I enjoy Kuroko no Basket as much as I enjoyed Slam Dunk!

basics "If you oppose me, I'll kill you no matter who you are."

So let's start by introducing the character of the shrine: Akashi Seijuro. He posses the villainous position in the series a.k.a the ultimate enemy. Akashi may look cool and calculating on the outside but there is more to him than just that in the inside. Akashi was the last of the Kiseki no Sedai or Generation of Miracles to be introduced in the series. For Akashi everything is about winning. Life for him is like playing a game of Shogi Japanese version of chess; which is to say Akashi is mainly an uptight stick in a mud who is pretty much an old man living inside a sixteen year old body. So why would I make a shrine for a character like Akashi? Let's just say that in some ways I can relate with his goal for aiming for perfection, but of course definitely not his crazy identity.

Akashi is a genius and talented young athlete. As the team's captain, Akashi destroys any of his enemies and struggles to stay in the top. He uses all his powers to make his team as the champion. His calculating skills is the reason why his middle school basketball team was crowned as the unbeatable, Generations of Miracles. They not only win but they control even how the team they're up against would score. But let's put this part on the side for now.

Profile In the series, Akashi is a sixteen year old Captain of the strongest basketball team, Rakuzan High. He wears the number 4 jersey even though he is the shortest of all the players, Akashi is still the strongest. He plays as the point guard which means that he is fast on stealing and passing, and he always never misses when he shoots. Also in Kuroko no Basket profiles, Akashi's height is five foot eight inches and in my opinion that's quite tall for a guy already. It's just that all the other characters are pretty much giants. Akashi's eyes have different color pigment (Heterochromia iridum): One is red and the other is yellow. But in the past, Akashi's eyes were naturally red. It changed in their third year in Teiko High School. His eyes are very important so I will talk about it further as we go along the story. He is first introduced in the manga in chapter 113 where he tried to kill *Kagami using borrowed scissors from *Midorima (one of Midorima's weird lucky item but bad item for Kagami. hah.) On the other hand, he was introduced in the anime in episode 38 and is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi. Akashi is really cool.

Personality In the event of the series after the incident (which I will explain further in the next parts), Akashi's personality have changed. Akashi began having a crazy psychotic personality. He would say ridiculous things like killing his enemies or gouging his eyeballs. I can't tell how his brain works. Anyway, as I have mentioned before, Akashi is a stick in a mud. He doesn't know how to have fun, and he acts like a 60 year old bald old man. You know, those old miserable people who makes the people around them as miserable as them. For the people around Akashi, Akashi is not easy to read but he has a power to intimidate the people around him and would follow him. His harsh personality does not only show from his words but also how he treats everyone as if they are his pawns. However, Akashi has a strong will of integrity when it comes to winning. To win is his ultimate goal and to fail is his end. Also Akashi has an excellent leadership skills. He can motivate his team well enough in the middle of the game.

Emperor "I will gouge out both of my eyes and give them to you."

As mentioned above, the series Kuroko no Basket is about fantasy basketball which means the Generation of Miracles posses inhuman skills and powers that allows them to conquer the court. They are those prodigies with inhuman talents and each of them have special attacks. In any case, I find the skills entertaining especially when Kuroko gains another skill set whenever Seirin is at lost. The funny thing about it is that before they release their special skills there would be some sort of "cool" name given to each of them. (Especially with Kuroko's like his Misdirection Overflow or Ignite Pass Kai. haha.) Of course Akashi's skills does not requires a lot of physical activity since Akashi is all about the brains. Although Akashi is more focused on calculations and how he handles his team, Akashi is excellent in all around work. He can face all the Generations of Miracles one on one. Not only is he an excellent point-guard, but Akashi never misses any lay-ups or 3-point shots. (I haven't seen him do a dunk though.)

Those eyes can read any movement beforehand. All techniques are useless. And no defence is permitted to stand before him.

→ Murasakibara Atsushi | Kuroko no Basket Chapter 178

Emperor Eye The quote explains the skill of Akashi. Akashi posses the power of the Emperor Eye. Not only can he calculate the movements of his opponent but Akashi claims that he can see the future and for that he is absolute. His powers was first shown in Winter Cup semi-finals where it was Rakuzan vs Shutoku. In this case, Akashi's opponent is the Shooting Guard (3-point shooter) of the Generation of Miracles, Midorima Shintarou. Midorima never misses any of his shoots. Although he is as talented as any of the Generations of Miracles, he works hard and practices all the time to perfect his shooting. He can even shoot from the other side of the court. Crazy right?! In the past, Midorima was Akashi's second hand man and the vice-president of the Teiko Middle School Basketball team. (I love Midorima too ♥ lol.) Anyway, in Chapter 179, Akashi was able to block Midorima's shooting not allowing him to even finish his shooting pose. Akashi easily takes the ball from Midorima especially since he knows that Midorima is left handed plus he often starts with the triple threat pose. - the most basic form in basketball that sets up all three motions from shooting, dribbling, and passing.- After Akashi was able to take the ball from Midorima, he was then blocked by two Shutoku players, in which case, blocking Akashi with two players especially first years did not work. Both of the Shutoku players just fell and wasn't able to stand. Akashi literally made his own way without touching the two players. This is Akashi's special skill which is called Ankle Break.

Ankle Break Using Akashi's Emperor Eye, he uses Ankle break to disrupt the balance of the opponent and make them fall of their feet. It requires a special type of high speed dribble that destroys the center gravity of the opponent when they turn.

Shintarou.. you are strong but you'll lose. Who do you think was leading you guys? Even if it's the "Generation of Miracles", no one can stand against me.

→ Akashi Seijuro | Kuroko no Basket Chapter 179

Speed Akashi's speed is excellent, and he can control the ratio of his speed that he chose to use. In the semi-finals where Rakuzan was up against with Shutoku, Akashi was able to block Takao's passes for Midorima. (Takao Kazunari is the point guard of Shutoku high and is the team mate of Midorima.) Since his Emperor Eye can tell his opponents movements, Akashi was able to tell the course of the pass from Takao to Midorima. In which case, using his speed and Emperor Eye Akashi was able to go to where Takao would pass the ball. Akashi changed his speed and was able to block all the ball coming from Takao which made Midorima unable to shoot until the end of the game.

Agility Akashi's speed when it comes to decision making is also extremely great. He can make a split second decision when judging a scenario which allows him to switch his layups to a pass whenever the defence against him is high.

Zone the Zone is a term for the full state of concentration where a player is at their 100% full potential. It's the equivalent of Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball but instead of having their hair blonde, in Kuroko no Basuke, each player gets this electrical force on their eyes. If a player enters the Zone, they are unbeatable and they become faster and more efficient. It is said that without the Zone each players could only release 80% of their skills. However, the Zone has its time limit and would make the player exhausted after the Zone disappears.

Not all players can enter the Zone. It's required that the player should be in an intense focus and concentration to be able to enter the Zone. The player must be talented to enter the Zone. Of course it's not surprising that Akashi can enter the Zone. In fact it's already given that he could control and enter the Zone.

Kagami.. You only rely on one person. Akashi Seijurou has two people.

→ Midorima Shintarou | Kuroko no Basket Chapter 203

Second Akashi Before the battle of Seirin vs Rakuzan took place, Midorima informed Kagami that they shouldn't take Akashi easy because there is more to Akashi than meets the eye. Apparently, Akashi is hiding another identity that carries a massive power, and this power is not yet in full release.

In the most recent Chapter of the manga 265, there was a page there where Akashi seemed to be talking to another person inside of him. This second person seem to have an intense personality as if he had left all his morals because he only thinks of winning. As if everything is a life and death situation. For clearer understanding, this second person inside Akashi will discussed further in the next part of the site.

Teiko "At least let me have my freedom in school."

First of, lets talk about Akashi's middle school which started everything. Teiko Middle School is one of the most prestigious school, and they are especially known for their basketball club. Compared to regular school where you can easily sign up for a club and you're instantly a member, Teiko has their own way of dealing with their students. Apparently there are a lot of students who applies in the basketball team. And since the school's motto is to "WIN", they give their students rigorous and intense training. First of, all the first years will be trained and show their skills with the coach and captain of the team. Their skills will be calculated and they will be either put to 3 different strings. Usually, first years are ranked to the second and third strings, however for Akashi, he was able to get into the first string and even became the vice-president of the club in his first year. It wasn't mentioned how he did it but he probably manipulated the people in the first string especially since in their second year of middle school, Akashi became the president of the club.

Only one who demonstrates excellence in both academics and sports.. no.. in all areas, can be considered a member of the Akashi household.

→ Akashi's Dad | Kuroko no Basket Chapter 220

Personality As far as I can tell, Akashi's personality is very different from how he is now. Akashi's eyes where both red before which give the viewers an idea that Akashi was different. In his early years in Teiko, Akashi was kind, cool, and calm. He notices people around him, and he also worries about what other people would think of him. As an example, Akashi was often dropped off in a limo by his driver to school. However Akashi thinks that people will laugh at him and he will stand out too much in school. Akashi then told his driver that he doesn't need to pick him to and from school because he prefers to go by himself. He told his driver that this way he will have more freedom in school. Which is to say that Akashi grew up in an uptight household where his parents have high expectations from him. It is said that Akashi is the son of a well known financial group. Although it sounds nice to be fully loaded like Akashi, in a way, it is also depressing to know that this is one of the reasons why Akashi became the Akashi he is now. It would have seemed that Akashi has to make sure that everything that he does is in perfect form and that he must fullfil his parents expectations of him being the perfect son and perfect student. Although Akashi tries to hide it, all his classmates knows that Akashi is not only handsome but is also rich.

He's smart and doesn't seem to have the same mental age as us. He'll give even more of his time to the team than that captain Nijimura did.

→ Midorima Shintarou | Kuroko no Basket Chapter 212

Foundation Actually, if Akashi isn't the crazy Akashi that he is now, he would have been a perfect character. For me anyway hah. At first, he was gentleman helping his female classmates and thanking them for helping the basketball team and such. Akashi treat everyone around him in a kind manner and often see the full potential of the people around him. In fact, it was Akashi who gave Kuroko to find his skills and become one of the first strings. Since at the start, Kuroko has a weak stature even though he loves basketball, he often vomits in the middle of training and couldn't even do a lay-up. However, Akashi noticed that Kuroko has a weak presence which gave him the idea of Kuroko using this to build up his skills. Akashi gave hints about his potential to Kuroko which and told Kuroko that if he found the answer to himself, he would be included in the first string. Kuroko was able to show Akashi his skills of misdirection and was able to join the first string. However Akashi knows that there is more to Kuroko than misdirection.

Incident As the year passes by, the amount of stress that is put to the members of the basketball team have greatly expanded. Akashi is put to the task to find a way where Teiko would ALWAYS win every game and matches they play. (practice or final matches). Of course for middle school kids, having the spirit of team work and having fun should be the most important thing for them. However, to Akashi and the others winning and perfection is everything. As the nationwide middle school tournament started, all the Generation of Miracles felt the pressure put to them. They also realizes that all their opponents are weak and they don't even need to give their all in a game to win. Every member of the Teiko team started to play by themselves without trying to follow Akashi's gameplay or plans. Some members like Aomine had become less interested in basketball and pretty much tries not to attend any of the practices. When Murasakibara learned that Aomine was allowed by the coach not to come to the practices anymore because he can win either practicing or not anyway, Murasakibara told Akashi that there is no need for him to come to practices either. (Sasuga lazy Murasakibara!) Murasakibara told Akashi that the reason for this is that he hates having to listen to someone who is weaker than he is. As to this, Akashi told Murasakibara that having his position as a captain to be questioned is another important matter. Akashi told Murasakibara to play one on one with him to give him a discipline. However Murasakibara was able to block all Akashi's shots and was scored 4-0. (whoever score 5 first wins.) Everyone saw Akashi beginning to loose against Murasakibara. At this moment, Akashi realized that this might be the first time that he would lose and for every game that he had played in the past whatever the situation was, he always win.

In this world, winning is everything. Winners are right and the losers are wrong..

→ Akashi Seijurou | Kuroko no Basket Chapter 221

This triggered the new Akashi. He was able to use for the first time the Emperor Eye and his ankle break on Murasakibara. In their batter, Murasakibara lost against Akashi easily. Akashi's personality changed right on the spot infront of his team mates. At the same time, Akashi started calling everyone around him in their first names. (In Japan, only people who are close to you or family members are allowed to call you by your first name or else it'll seem disrespectful to call someone by their first name.) This time also, Akashi told his team mates that he doesn't care wether they want to attend the practice training or not as long as they come to the matches and often win, Akashi wouldn't say anything to them. Which was far from what Akashi told them before that training is important. This means that Akashi has fully changed and his perspective about everything has also changed.

Akashi Seijurou possess two abilities. The Emperor Eye and another one.. at the same level or even higher ability.

→ Unknown | Kurkoko no Basket Chapter 228

At the same time, Midorima fully capture the idea that there must be another persona within Akashi. After the incident Akashi was called by their coach to question his decision of allowing the members to not to attend the practices anymore. (I really think Midorima ratted him out xD Because Midorima seemed like he just went out of the coaches' office.) Akashi told their coach that even if they implement team play and forced their members about it, it would only served as a restriction to their full potential. Akashi told his coach that it is best to just drop it. Since their motto is about winning, Akashi told his coach that as long as the players will always win the game, then everything else doesn't matter. When Akashi found Kuroko practicing free throws, Kuroko asked Akashi if Akashi enjoys playing basketball. Akashi told Kuroko that there is no reason for such feelings for victory. Kuroko went on further to mention that Akashi has changed, but Akashi told him that he didn't change and that there has already two people inside him. He told Kuroko that these two people just swapped places. (If this is the case, wouldn't that mean the old kind Akashi can be brought back? Kuroko!! Please save Akashi!!) Akashi told Kuroko that their full potential have started to bloom and their opponents are weak. He further told Kuroko that they should compete with each other instead to integrate their skills because teamwork is no longer important. Afterwards, the Teiko Middle School basketball team had changed dramatically as they play only for themselves than for the team. As this event happened, the ratio of their scores in each game are 98% to 2%. They trash all their opponents and pretty much destroys all their basketball spirit. As Akashi became a monster, the team became a roaring wave which demolishes everything around them.

For the 'Generation of Miracles', 'team work' is nothing more than something optional.

→ Akashi Seijurou | Kurkoko no Basket Chapter 221

As the team reached their final few weeks in Teiko middle school, Akashi told them that once they entered high school, they should still always win and show everyone how strong they are. Even though they would be in different schools and fighting with each other, Akashi told them that they should only be the ones who would reach the finals, so that their opponents will be within themselves.

Until we eliminate everyone except for ourselves, we won't stop.

→ Akashi Seijurou | Kuroko no Basket Chapter 227

I feel like Akashi is some kind of a princess that turned dark and needs his prince to save him from this darkness. It would be interesting to see what else he can do and what this second Akashi possesses.

Rakuzan "The Winner will be Rakuzan. Our basketball is absolute."

As of today, the battle between Seirin vs Rakuzan has started as both of the teams are in the winter cup finals. I don't want to go over this part yet since the series is still unfinished. I feel that it would be best to wait until the battle and the result is over before I start spurting out my thoughts about Akashi in this part of the story. Also I have mentioned quite a lot about Shutoku vs Rakuzan as I was discussing Akashi's skills above. As of now, Akashi is loosing the game and it seems like we will be seeing the second Akashi anytime soon. Here are the things I expect to happen:

1 Akashi's hidden powers will show aka the Second Akashi.
2 Kuroko will come up with some sort of miracle that would make the Second Akashi stop
3 Akashi will self destruct.
4 The old Akashi will be brought back however he would be able to control the Second Akashi

I'm really excited for what the outcome of the game would be. I just hope that Kuroko would be able to make Akashi realize that basketball is not all about winning. (So that he would stop being a stick in a mud and would learn how to smile.)

Vocab "The only way".

Here are words that I have used in the site. I defined them so that reading the context of the site wouldn't be a pain. haha. Especially for those who aren't familiar or new to the series.

* Kiseki no Sedai → Generation of Miracles in english. Is the name of the strongest middle school basketball team from Teikou Middle School. Team members are: Akashi Seijurou as the Captain, Aomine Daiki, Midorima Shintarou, Kise Ryota, Atsushi Murasakibara, and Kuroko Tetsuya.
* Kuroko Tetsuya → The protagonist of the story. He wants to defeat all the Generations of Miracles for them to realize the meaning of basketball. Unique misdirection skills when he passes. Known as the Phantom 6 man of Teiko Middle School.
* Kagami Taiga → The Ace of Seirin high school. He came from the US, and he is at par with the Generations of Miracles when it comes to basketball skills.
* Aomine Daiki → Genius player of Toou Gakuen. He is fast, all around, and can shoot in any angles. Power Forward of Toou Gakuen.
* Shintarou Midorima → Shooting Guard of Shutoku high. He never misses his shots and can shoot in any part of the court.
* Kise Ryota → Another genius player who can replicate all the movements of his opponents. Small Forward.
* Atsushi Murasakibara → Tallest player and the Center of Yousen high. He is more the defence than offense.
* Rakuzan → Akashi's high school.
* Seirin → Kuroko Tesuya and Kagami Taiga's high school.
* Toou Gakuen → Aomine Daiki's high school.
* Shutoku → Midorima Shintarou's high school.
* Kaijou → Kise Ryouta's high school.
* Yosen → Atsushi Murasakibara's high school.
* Takao Kazunari → Point Guard of Shutoku high. He is Midorima's team mate.

Exit "I am absolute."

We've reached the end of the site. Thank you for viewing and hopefully you've managed to get some sort of idea how awesome Akashi Seijurou even though he is still a butt face. If you have any questions regarding this site: email me here.

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